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About Alive

Care, Learning & Listening

Care, Learning & Listening

Alive Centres are places where children explore, relate, learn, grow and develop with other children in a caring and safe environment.

Informed by the Catholic tradition, children are placed at the centre of community life, shown deep care, and are respected for the wisdom they possess.

In our centres we create opportunities for children to thrive into the fullness of life by establishing emotionally secure; and socially, intellectually and spiritually rich foundations for children’s learning. 

These foundations, co-constructed with children, confirm and expand their knowledge and theories, and affirm and develop the capabilities each child possesses. 

Listening to children gives value to the way each child learns, develops and sees their world. It also affirms children as learners and that their ideas are encouraged and respected

The Competent Child

The Competent Child

We recognise that children possess natural curiosity and wonder. They seek to make meaning and seek out relationships with others and the world around them. 

Children are motivated to explore, discover and increase their knowledge and explanations of how the world works. 

We understand children as competent and accomplished and that it is the right of every child to discover their own and each other’s processes for thinking, imagining and knowledge construction.

We encourage children to see themselves as important members of their community, and that their gifts and contributions are valued and appreciated. 

They are encouraged to build connections and relationships and develop ethical sensitivities toward humanity and creation. From the earliest age, children are active contributors to their community and citizens of the world God desires.

Partnerships With Families

Partnerships With Families

We recognise that children are precious to families, and parents and caregivers are the first and primary educators in children’s lives. 

We acknowledge that families are diverse in many ways, including cultural and faith diversity. We welcome this diversity and celebrate the rich resources children and their families bring to each setting.

The role of the care and learning community is to partner with families and support the aspirations they have for their children.

High Expectations For Every Child

High Expectations For Every Child

Alive Catholic Early Care and Learning Centres provide high quality education for children from birth to 5 years.

We understand that children already possess processes for learning. These include, questioning, problem solving, reflecting, hypothesising, communicating, imagining, creating and so much more.

Children are active learners, exploring the world through touch, sight, sound, taste, smell and movement. Children’s brains develop rapidly during the early years through physical explorations and active engagement with others.

Our early childhood professionals have high expectations for each child’s learning and development, valuing individual strengths, and ensuring each child experiences success and is motivated to explore new challenges.

Guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework – Belonging, Being, Becoming, and influenced by the educational philosophy and approach of Reggio Emilia, learning is designed on the belief that children have enormous capacities for learning, relating and communicating.

We provide experiences for children that invite them to actively seek meaning, construct knowledge, express themselves in a hundred or more ways, individually and collaboratively.