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A Message of Welcome


From the Director of CCEY Inc.
Dr Neil McGoran, Director of Catholic Church Early Years Inc.

It is my pleasure to welcome your child and your family to Alive Catholic Early Care and Learning. We thank you for entrusting to us the care and learning of your child during this special and important period of your child’s life: a time of exciting and extraordinary development, and the time that lays the foundations for future learning and living.

In the Alive Catholic Early Care and Learning community we believe that every child is unique and precious, and matters absolutely. Our commitment to your child, and to you, is that in their Alive Catholic Early Care and Learning community she or he will experience affirmation and encouragement of their uniqueness and preciousness in daily living and learning.

Our belief is that every child is already alive with curiosity, wonder, imagination, and theories about the world. Our role, with the children, is to nurture their aliveness to the world so that they thrive and grow into ‘fullness of life’.

We recognise that each child is first a gift to their families and to those who care for them. Alive Catholic Early Care and Learning is committed to partner with families to foster children’s flourishing. We appreciate that every family is unique. Our part is to affirm and support each family, as it enjoys the unique culture, values and faith of its family life, and to participate with families to bring to fulfilment their hopes for their children.

As you get to know more about our care and learning community, you will come to see that, while each centre is unique, all are places of wonder, where children are deeply engaged in learning that stimulates their thinking, curiosity and inquiring minds. The spaces, inside and outside, are designed so that children can do what they love: explore, relate, learn, understand and experience joy and wonder.

Our teachers and educators who care for them give attention to each child, by listening to them, learning with them, and nurturing each with love. To achieve this, both care and learning values each child, and learning is based in sound early years’ curriculum knowledge and an understanding of how young children learn.

I thank you, again, for placing your child’s care and early learning with Alive Catholic Early Care and Learning. Our hope is that you encounter a community in which your child experiences care and nurturing, and that is alive with the joy of learning and living. We hope, too, that your family experiences welcome and an invitation to participate fully in community life.